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The Thoughtful Co. prepared the 2022 Parental Leave report to empower parental leave support and resources through data and education.

Just launched: 2022 Parental Leave Report 

Purchase now for insights from ~150 respondents across Canada on their parental leave policy details, including length and value of top-up, what type of parents are eligible, restrictions before and after leave, adoption/fertility cost coverage, and more.

Price: $20 CAD (including tax).

Key Takeaways from the Parental Leave Report

  • 77% of respondents' employers have parental leave policies.

  • 68% of policies include non-birth parents, but only 59% include parents of newly adopted children and only 43% include parents of surrogate children.

  • Half of respondents receive less than 75% of their salary as top-up, and 38% of participants receive six months or less of coverage.

  • 16% of respondents must stay at the company 3-12+ months after their parental leave to keep the payments.

  • 54% of policies are for full-time employees only (not part-time).

  • 84% of respondents do not receive support for adoption or fertility costs.

  • Over 75% of participants reported no at-work facilities available.

Purchase now for more details and information!

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