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Unlocking Potential through Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Consulting.

A strong EDI strategy isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. That's why we develop customized strategies to address your organization’s specific challenges and propel you forward in your EDI journey.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders


We are passionate about advancing EDI in the workplace and closing the gender pay gap.


Our services are designed to help companies enhance inclusivity through objective criteria for promotions and compensation, meaningful sponsorship programs and ERGs, and industry-leading workshops. These efforts are essential in empowering individuals and narrowing the gender pay gap.

Our Services

EDI Health Check & Action Plan

Tailored EDI services, offering strategic advice on retention, policy, and governance based on industry research and data.

  • Expert Analysis & Focus Groups: We start by listening to your employees through focus groups, analyzing feedback, and combining it with our expert knowledge


  • Customized Recommendations for Every Stage: We develop tailored strategies that meet your organization's specific needs, providing actionable steps for both immediate improvements and sustained long-term progress


  • Detailed Action Plan: Our services concludes with an actionable report outlining a clear plan for progress


  • On-going Support: We're available to support in implementing any chosen programs. It's a partnership for fostering inclusivity and sustained organizational growth


Research shows that profit and share price performance can be almost 50% higher when women are well represented in senior leadership.

"It is rare in my career that my expectations have been exceeded by a consultancy, but The Thoughtful Co. has certainly delivered to this standard. We left our time together more informed and ready to face the gender equity opportunity in front of us. We are excited to implement the recommendations and are confident that they will serve us for many years to come."

- Board Director, Syncra Construction 

Sponsorship & Mentorship Programs

Individuals with a formal sponsor at their workplace are 97% more likely to report they have a clear plan for their career advancement.

We excel in crafting sponsorship and mentorship programs that not only deliver substantial results but also empower individuals from underrepresented groups.

  • Meaningful Connections: Our structured frameworks are designed to foster meaningful connections, propelling individual career aspirations forward and ensuring each mentorship or sponsorship relationship is impactful

  • Enhancing Leadership Diversity: By emphasizing authentic relationships, we aim to improve representation in senior leadership positions, contributing to a more diverse and inclusive workplace environment

  • Fostering Inclusive Workplaces: Our focus on mentorship and sponsorship programs plays a crucial role in creating a workplace where diversity and inclusion are not just encouraged but practiced, benefiting all members of the organization


“The Thoughtful Co. has the ability to absorb a large amount of information in a short period of time. They quickly became one of the team. Their work was delivered on time, and was clear and well thought out. They provided practical and actionable recommendations. I would absolutely recommend working with them.”

- Chief People Officer, 1Password

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Services

Well-structured ERGs can improve employee retention by up to 25%.

We specialize in empowering organizations to establish impactful ERGs. Our consultants work closely with your organization to develop a framework that supports long-term success, ensuring the group's purpose, goals, and activities align with your organization's objectives and values.

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We offer expert coaching throughout the entire implementation process, including:

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  • Creating ERG frameworks that are strategically designed to align with organizational values and can be implemented immediately

  • Developing detailed annual plans and setting goals

  • Partnering to communicate the value and impact of ERGs, and enrolling senior leaders

  • Selecting and coaching program champions

  • Benchmarking and tracking key gender equity metrics and progress

  • Fostering inclusive company culture in collaboration with your team

Moderator Services

Our moderator coaching services empower teams hosting presentations or panel discussions for their ERGs by guiding them to craft authentic, thought-provoking, and conversational experiences that resonate with participants.

Our 1-on-1 Coaching Includes:

  • 1-on-1 coaching to craft a compelling panel discussion theme

  • Preparation of panel structure and focused outlines

  • Unique, engaging question recommendations

  • Personalized moderating tips for confidence and impact

  • Support for audience engagement and theme delivery

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"Working with The Thoughtful Co was effortless. They were incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to not only understand the problem we were trying to solve but also understand the cultural nuances in which it was situated." 

- VP People & Culture, Article

Tailored Workshops

Over 93% of our workshop attendees reported they learned actionable tools they can use in their everyday life.

We conduct 1-hour interactive workshops to help build equitable and inclusive workplaces by addressing unique challenges and opportunities through carefully developed topics. Our workshops are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each organization.

Some of our most popular workshops

“The session was excellent and the feedback from our community was very positive with many benefiting from the interactive approach. The content was rich and informative and provided exceptional value to attendees. We look forward to collaborating with TTC again.”


- Workshop host organization

Leadership Coaching Services

Our leadership coaching philosophy centers on empowering leaders to inspire and engage their teams through inclusive practices and tangible strategies. We are passionate about fostering long-term team engagement while supporting leaders in their professional growth.

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Empower Your Leadership Potential

Our Advocate for Yourself Prep Session is designed for women aiming to advance their careers and realize their leadership potential. Empower your team with the skills and confidence needed to excel in pivotal work discussions and elevate their professional presence.

Prep Session: Advocate for Yourself

Unleash your potential in our 45-minute prep session! Discover your unique value and strengths with personalized guidance. Learn to articulate your impact and confidently advocate for your worth during crucial work discussions.


Ideal for those facing performance reviews, working towards promotions, or wanting support in setting boundaries and navigating tough conversations. Elevate your professional presence – book your session today!

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The Thoughtful Co. Difference

We have experience that no other advisor in North America has: the proven ability to implement policies that make measurable change in male dominated industries.

Benefits of Working with The Thoughtful Co.

  • Data-Informed Strategies: Benefit from our research-backed advice on retention, policy, and governance, ensuring effective and comprehensive practices to engage and retain women.


  • Customized Solutions & Collaborative Approach: Our workshops and consulting services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We work closely with you, ensuring solutions are seamlessly integrated into your organization for long-term success.


  • Tangible, Impactful Results: We deliver easily digestible outcomes with real impact, clarifying and simplifying the final results to show you the path forward.

  • We Do the Heavy Lifting: Our services require minimal time from your team to execute. We do the heavy lifting, effectively becoming an extension of your team and creating easy-to-follow paths for program implementation.


  • Customized Journey Support: We meet you wherever you are in your EDI journey. We evaluate your current state and provide both short and long-term plans tailored to your readiness and capacity.


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Meet the Team

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Jillian Climie, Co-Founder (she/her)

Jillian Climie, Co-Founder of The Thoughtful Co, has spent her career advising and leading teams in executive compensation and corporate governance, both as a consultant, and in-house at two global retailers. Most recently at Lululemon, she led the global equity compensation and executive compensation programs. After taking a pause, she realized she wanted more of three things in her professional life: thoroughness, passion and freedom. She Co-Founded The Thoughtful Co so she can leverage her niche and technical experience, coupled with her passion for gender equity, to empower women to get paid what they deserve.

Sophie Warwick, Co-Founder (she/her)

Sophie Warwick, Co-Founder of the Thoughtful Co, specializes in developing in-house gender equity policies and chairing Employee Resource Groups and advocacy groups. She uses her data analysis expertise from her engineering background to define targets and track growth and retention. In 2018, she Co-Founded Women in Consulting Engineering (WCE), a non-profit organization with over 500 members and monthly events to support and empower women in engineering. She co-founded The Thoughtful Co so she could build more gender inclusive workplaces and build representation of women at senior levels in all industries.

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Our Mission

To enable recognition, opportunity and influence for women in the workplace.

Our Values

Thoughtfulness: being intentional and thorough so we can do things right, the first time.

Equity: enabling a diverse and inclusive environment reflective of the communities we operate in.

Trust: providing our clients with honest, research-based, best practice advice to enable them to achieve their goals.

Space: allowing the freedom and flexibility to produce our best work.

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