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Empowering Women in Compensation and Contract Negotiations

We specialize in guiding women through the intricacies of compensation and contract negotiations to get you paid what you deserve. With our quick turnaround times, we can provide our services within 24-48 hours.


Our Clients Receive a 25% Increase,
on Average, in their Total Compensation

We are Compensation Experts

Our team of experts, led by the former head of Executive Compensation at Lululemon, brings extensive expertise to give you a competitive edge in confidently advocating for the compensation you deserve. We work with women at all levels - from entry level positions to C-Suite executives.

Our Services

Compensation is More Than Just a Pay Cheque

It encompasses a wide range of benefits, perks and rewards, including salary, bonuses, stock options, RSUs, benefits, vacation time, severance packages, RRSP/401Ks, non-compete agreements, allowances, parental leave, and much more.

Prep Session: Increase Your Pay Elevate your negotiation game with our 45-minute prep session! Tailored to your unique situation, we'll delve into compensation strategies, identify key elements to push on, and craft a powerful ask. Perfect for those looking to increase their pay - whether that be through promotions, job offers, performance reviews, or anytime you're discussing compensation with your leader. Book now and set the stage for your success!

Prep Session: Advocate for Yourself Unleash your potential in our 45-minute prep session! Discover your unique value and strengths with personalized guidance. Learn to articulate your impact and confidently advocate for your worth during crucial work discussions. Ideal for those facing performance reviews, working towards promotions, or wanting support in setting boundaries and navigating tough conversations. Elevate your professional presence – book your session today!

Employment Contract Review Empower your career decisions with our Employment Contract Review. We provide expert insights and commentary on critical elements like salary, bonus, equity, sign-on awards, and more. Learn where to push for more and ask strategic questions. Perfect for those with promotions or new job offers. Secure your professional future – book your review now!

Future Compensation Model Gain financial clarity with our Compensation Model. Forecast your take-home pay (salary + bonus + equity) for the next 5 years. We analyze various scenarios, factoring in share prices, bonus performance, and salary increases. Empower yourself to make informed decisions by updating the model based on your individual or company performance. Perfect for those eager to strengthen their understanding of future compensation. Start planning with confidence – book your Compensation Model now!

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"I would recommend The Thoughtful Co to anyone looking to negotiate their salary. From our very first session, it was evident that they are not only experienced in these conversations but also have a strong understanding of the market and how compensation works across different industries and geographies, so all of the advice they provided was always relevant. They are approachable and honest and their investment in their clients' success makes them both a pleasure to work with and effective professionals. I am very happy to have worked with The Thoughtful Co and I'm very grateful for the outcomes of my sessions."

- Associate, Investment Industry

Client Wins

The Thoughtful Co. makes real impact for our clients in their compensation negotiations.

Outcome after working with us:


+25% increase in annual cash.

+$125K annual equity grant.

+$80K sign-on bonus.

Client: Tech executive.

Situation: New job offer.

Outcome after working with us:


>10% increase in annual cash.

+Secured first year bonus.

+$30K sign-on award.

+Equity ownership.

Client: Senior engineer.

Situation: New job offer.

Outcome after working with us:


>250% increase in annual compensation.

+Large one-time stock option grant.

Client: Healthcare founder.

Situation: Negotiating with Board of Directors.

Why Work With The Thoughtful Co?

Benefits of Working with The Thoughtful Co.


  • Global Reach: Offering advice to clients in Canada, the USA, and the UK.

  • Fast Turnaround Time: A commitment to a 24-48 turn-around to get the support you need as quickly as possible. 

  • Maximized Compensation: Our clients see a 25% average increase in compensation, showcasing the high return on investment from our services.

  • Confidential: Everything is confidential. Your privacy is our top priority which is why we start all our services with a confidentiality agreement. 

  • Fixed-Fee Structure: We use a fixed fee structure so we're never incentivized to push you outside of your comfort zone. 

  • Support at All Levels: We work with women at all levels - from entry level positions to C-Suite executives.


"I worked with The Thoughtful Co for promotion negotiation support while transitioning from a VP level role to the C-suite. They helped me break down the details of the role’s scope, review peer comparables to determine the value of the new offer and provided a simple negotiation framework to follow. They were with me every step of the way, responding to approaches to take as the negotiation progressed. I felt empowered throughout the process with their coaching, the outcome was a win-win arrangement. I am grateful for their guidance and highly recommend the Thoughtful Co."
 - Chief Operating Officer, Retail Industry

Employers Our Clients Have Negotiated With

How We Advise Women in Compensation Negotiation

We guide you seamlessly from recognizing the negotiation opportunity to crafting a personalized blueprint for success.

Our process ensures you leave empowered, equipped with the strategic insights and confidence needed to negotiate effectively.

Recognize the Opportunity.

Our coaching reframes negotiation as a normal and positive aspect of professional interactions, guiding you to recognize opportunities where negotiation can thrive. We help you approach these conversations with confidence and optimism.


Expert Led Coaching.

Rest assured, you're in good hands with our team led by the former head of Executive Compensation at Lululemon, bringing unparalleled expertise to optimize your compensation strategy.

Data Based Recommendations.

Rely on our extensive market data to instill confidence in selecting the optimal number to negotiate for, ensuring you make informed and strategic decisions for your professional journey.

Leave with a Negotiation Blueprint.

Leave our sessions armed with a personalized script, empowering you with the confidence to articulate your worth and successfully negotiate. 


Are You an Executive?

We advise executive and C-suite level women in compensation negotiations.

Are You Self-Employed?

We advise self-employed women in setting market appropriate rates for their services and confidently communicating their "hook".

Real Results, Real Impact.

Discover how The Thoughtful Co. is helping women everywhere negotiate for the compensation they deserve.

I really valued The Thoughtful Co's input on my compensation package, especially when it came to stock options, RSUs (restricted share units), and vesting periods. They were thorough, detailed, and provided me with very good strategic advice.

- VP, Technology Industry

The Thoughtful Co is knowledgeable and empathetic. They were invaluable in helping me evaluate offers objectively and negotiate salary and bonus. I would highly recommend!

- Sr. Manager, Technology Industry

The Thoughtful Co helped me to organize my thoughts and, ultimately, salary request in a way that I otherwise wouldn't have. This led to a clear separation of talking points and a very positive outcome in negotiations.

- Manager, Environmental Industry

I am incredibly grateful to the thorough, professional, and, yes, thoughtful approach that The Thoughtful Co has provided me in not only salary negotiations but also in helping see different perspectives on major career decisions.

- President, Retail Industry

I highly recommend The Thoughtful Co. They did an excellent job with reviewing my contract to ensure I get the best and understand all the clauses. I wish I’ve known them sooner. Having them is life changing.

- Product Coach

The Thoughtful Co were amazing to work with, they gave me the tools and confidence to articulate my value, which is often such an uncomfortable process, they made it feel empowering!

- Director, People & Culture

Meet the Team

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Jillian Climie, Co-Founder (she/her)

Jillian Climie, Co-Founder of The Thoughtful Co, has spent her career advising and leading teams in executive compensation and corporate governance, both as a consultant, and in-house at two global retailers. Most recently at Lululemon, she led the global equity compensation and executive compensation programs. After taking a pause, she realized she wanted more of three things in her professional life: thoroughness, passion and freedom. She Co-Founded The Thoughtful Co so she can leverage her niche and technical experience, coupled with her passion for gender equity, to empower women to get paid what they deserve.


Sophie Warwick, Co-Founder (she/her)

Sophie Warwick, Co-Founder of the Thoughtful Co, specializes in developing in-house gender equity policies and chairing Employee Resource Groups and advocacy groups. She uses her data analysis expertise from her engineering background to define targets and track growth and retention. In 2018, she Co-Founded Women in Consulting Engineering (WCE), a non-profit organization with over 500 members and monthly events to support and empower women in engineering. She co-founded The Thoughtful Co so she could build more gender inclusive workplaces and build representation of women at senior levels in all industries.

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