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Gender Equity & Retention Services

At The Thoughtful Co, we are passionate about driving positive change and advancing equity for women in the workplace. As a trusted consultancy, we offer comprehensive services designed to help companies create an inclusive environment that empowers women to thrive throughout their careers.

​We provide strategic advice and guidance on retention, policy, and governance, all informed by research and data. With a thoughtful and thorough approach, our experienced consultants work closely with your organization to implement practices that retain and engage women over the long term. We assist in setting up governance structures that support these practices, creating a foundation for sustained progress.

We compliment your company and HR vision, ensuring a collaborative approach to fostering diversity and inclusion. Our services not only increase employee engagement but also contribute to the sustainability, profitability, and innovation of your organization. Research shows that companies with strong female representation at the top can experience nearly 50% higher profits and stock price performance. Together, let's build a workplace where women thrive and your company achieves exceptional results.

Note: "women" includes anyone who identifies as a woman.


No two employers are

the same.

We take the time to get to know you and your company through stakeholder meetings and a detailed review of your current practices & policies.


We listen so we can find solutions that suit your unique needs.


Make impactful and

measured change.

Make ambitious & realistic goals and track your success in achieving them.


We identify tools & metrics to measure the efficacy not only of your overall goals, but of each policy we recommend.


Concise, actionable

items you can start tomorrow.

We create a concise list of data-driven actions tailored to your company to make meaningful change over the long-term. 

We understand resource constraints.

You can start with the simple actions while still feeling confident with your plan for future years.

Ready to take the next step towards a more equitable and inclusive workplace? Book an Intro Call with us at the link below to learn more about our gender equity and retention services.

“TTC has the ability to absorb a large amount of information in a short period of time. They quickly became one of the team. Their work was delivered on time, and was clear and well thought out. They provided practical and actionable recommendations. I would absolutely recommend working with them.”
- Chief People Officer, 1Password

“It is rare in my career that my expectations have been exceeded by a consultancy, but TTC has certainly delivered to this standard. We left our time together more informed and ready to face the gender equity opportunity in front of us. We are excited to implement the recommendations and are confident that they will serve us for many years to come."

- Board of Director, Syncra Construction 

"Working with TTC was effortless. They were incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to not only understand the problem we were trying to solve but also understand the cultural nuances in which it was situated." 
- VP People & Culture, Article

Launch Impactful Employee Resource Groups


Have industry-wide influence on equitable practices.


more inclusive workplace


Our Introductory Services for Employers

Gender Equity & Retention

  • We conduct comprehensive assessments by getting to know your company through stakeholder interviews and policy reviews. This allows us to gain a deep understanding of your organization's current state and identify areas for improvement to create a more inclusive environment for women.

  • We develop and administer customized engagement surveys to track employee satisfaction, identify potential barriers, and gather feedback on workplace culture. These surveys provide valuable insights into the experiences of women within your organization, enabling targeted action and improvement strategies.

  • Our experts map out the gender representation across different groups and levels within your organization. By analyzing this data, we identify gaps and areas where women may be underrepresented. This information serves as a foundation for setting meaningful diversity and inclusion targets.

  • We work closely with your organization to set ambitious yet realistic goals for gender equity and inclusivity. By aligning these goals with your company's vision and values, we create a roadmap for progress and transformation, fostering a more inclusive workplace.

  • We provide a comprehensive recommendations plan. This plan outlines specific actions and strategies to address identified gaps, increase gender equity, and create a clear path forward for your organization's journey towards a more inclusive workplace.

Employee Resource Group (ERG)

  • We assist employers in building engaging and sustainable ERG structures. Our experts work closely with you to develop a framework that supports long-term success, ensuring the group's purpose, goals, and activities align with your organization's objectives and values.

  • We provide guidance on identifying passionate and influential employees who can drive change within the group. We offer coaching and support to empower these champions in their roles, enhancing their leadership capabilities.

  • We assist in setting up comprehensive calendars that include events, workshops, and initiatives aligned with the group's objectives. Our experts also provide guidance on budget allocation and financial planning to support the ERG's activities.

  • We help you develop effective communication strategies to showcase the importance of ERGs to employees and stakeholders. Additionally, we assist in enrolling senior leaders as sponsors and advocates for the ERGs, ensuring their support and active involvement.

  • We assist in benchmarking key gender equity metrics, establishing a baseline, and setting ambitious yet attainable goals. Our experts help you select goals that align with your company culture and have the most significant impact on gender equity.


  • We work with you to define the cadence of meetings, ensuring regular and meaningful interactions between mentors and mentees that foster learning and growth.

  • We provide guidance on structuring mentorship meetings for optimal impact. Our experts help create a framework that encourages open communication, goal setting, and skills development, ensuring mentees receive valuable support from their mentors.

  • Selecting the right mentors and mentees is crucial for a successful mentorship program. We offer strategies and best practices to identify suitable mentors with the desired expertise and experience.

  • Supporting mentees throughout their mentorship journey is essential for their development. We offer coaching services that equip mentees with the necessary skills, confidence, and guidance to make the most of their mentorship experience.

  • We help integrate the mentorship program into your organization's performance review process, ensuring that mentorship efforts are recognized and valued. By aligning mentorship goals with performance objectives, we create a cohesive approach that drives individual growth and organizational success.

Have questions or would like support? 

Meet the Team

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Jillian Climie, Co-Founder (she/her)

Jillian Climie, Co-Founder of The Thoughtful Co, has spent her career advising and leading teams in executive compensation and corporate governance, both as a consultant, and in-house at two global retailers. Most recently at Lululemon, she led the global equity compensation and executive compensation programs. After taking a pause, she realized she wanted more of three things in her professional life: thoroughness, passion and freedom. She Co-Founded The Thoughtful Co so she can leverage her niche and technical experience, coupled with her passion for gender equity, to empower women to get paid what they deserve.

Sophie Warwick, Co-Founder (she/her)

Sophie Warwick, Co-Founder of the Thoughtful Co, specializes in developing in-house gender equity policies and chairing Employee Resource Groups and advocacy groups. She uses her data analysis expertise from her engineering background to define targets and track growth and retention. In 2018, she Co-Founded Women in Consulting Engineering (WCE), a non-profit organization with over 500 members and monthly events to support and empower women in engineering. She co-founded The Thoughtful Co so she could build more gender inclusive workplaces and build representation of women at senior levels in all industries.

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Our Mission

To enable recognition, opportunity and influence for women in the workplace.

Our Values

Thoughtfulness: being intentional and thorough so we can do things right, the first time.

Equity: enabling a diverse and inclusive environment reflective of the communities we operate in.

Trust: providing our clients with honest, research-based, best practice advice to enable them to achieve their goals.

Space: allowing the freedom and flexibility to produce our best work.

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